Five easy steps to take when planning your luxury destination wedding

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STEP 1 ·

Select the date and destination

Think about what kind of scenery you want for your wedding. Do you want a mountain view or a lake wedding? Do you want your wedding outside or inside? Having multiple dates in mind can make the chances of granting the venue of your dreams, better. If you want to strictly stick to one specific date, it’s best to keep at least three venue options in mind.

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STEP 2 ·

Find your local wedding planner

Finding the perfect wedding planner is a must-have when planning your dream wedding. To find the wedding planner that suites your needs, be sure to utilize your resources. Take a peek at their online portfolios, websites, and social media accounts.

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STEP 3 ·

Create a budget

Many times, wedding planners have one set-priced package with all essentials included. If this is not the case, then consult with your significant other and create a budget that works for you both and stick to it!

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STEP 4 ·

Create your guest list

Choosing your perfect guestlist is a significant factor when planning your luxury destination wedding. You may want to ask yourself what kind of ambiance you want your wedding to feel like. Will there be children? How big are your families? How many people fit in your budget? Does everyone you want to invite to your destination wedding hold a passport?

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STEP 5 ·

Brainstorm styles

Brainstorming styles is one of the most fun parts of customizing your wedding and making it your own. Looking at Pinterest and creating mood boards can assist you and your wedding planner to assure you’re both on the same page. You may want to think if you want a more rustic vibe or elegant and chic wedding style.

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