© Roland Faistenberger

© Roland Faistenberger


The usual something does not suite me.

And neither it suits you! I am your destination wedding planner based in Austria when it comes to seeking the extra-special. That “memorable something” you were looking for but could not have imagined yourself. Let me take all the time needed to make your celebration stand out from anything you have ever experienced before. And wouldn’t it be lovely sitting together years from now and still see your loved ones’ tears of joy whenever they remember you walking down the aisle. Yes, that’s right. Your guests will talk about your wedding for ages if you leave the planning to me.

Destination Wedding Austria

Destination wedding Austria

Experience luxury in its purest form. An experience so memorable you will treasure it forever. Austria feels like a secret hideaway among popular wedding destinations. With an unmatched sense of style I plan beyond the bounds of imagination. Leave the realization of your wedding wishes to me and find yourself celebrating in timeless ambiance like a historic castle in Vienna, at an exclusive lake venue near Salzburg or with stunning mountain views far off bustling city life. I guarantee an incomparably authentic experience, no matter how small or big the event.

selected wedding destinations

Selected wedding destinations

Are you looking to host an international wedding event? Deciding on where to get married is the first big step. Share your wedding vision with me and be surprised by my strong network within the European borders and beyond. From beachfront venues overlooking the enchanting coastline of Italy, exclusive yacht clubs or private villas in Croatia to world-renowned hospitality in Dubai, we cater to a wide range of wishes. Let me invest countless hours of planning that might not fit in that busy schedule of yours. All you have to think of is pack your bags and say “I do”.

Green weddings

Green wedding in Austria

Are you vegan? Fair-trade buyer? Trying to save the rain forest? Combining your personal lifestyle with unique wedding design is my specialty. No matter if you are looking for an organic wedding catering, regional flower arrangements or fair-trade wedding rings. From the perfect eco-friendly wedding dress to beautiful outdoor ceremony venues, I make sure every detail is carefully selected and leaves you with the good feeling of making an environmentally conscious decision wherever possible. Let’s make a difference and create a sustainable event.


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